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Snow plowing, snow clearing, snow blowing, or residential snow removal is the job of removing snow after a snow storm to make travel easier and safer for your home.

Our snow removal service will work to remove deep snowfalls throughout the winter so you can have peace of mind knowing it will be handled. You won’t have to wake up an hour before you regularly would and strain your back shoveling or snow blowing your driveway. Nobody wants to start their winter mornings off like that! We will plow your driveways of snow to maintain safe mobility and remove and prevent ice buildup. After meeting with the property owner we can either auto-schedule your snow removal based on actual snowfall or allow for on-call service.

For the snow removal service, we are not just guys with pick up trucks and a plow doing it as a side job. When it snows our customers are our #1 priority. One of the ways we stand out in this service is before we arrive at your property we send out an email confirming that we are on the way. This way you are not stuck inside staring out the window hoping your driveway gets cleared. You can rest assured once you hear from us!

We understand that winters in Upstate New York normally means a lot of snow to be removed from your driveways. Our experienced snow removal team plans where the snow should be pushed in advance to the actual snowflakes flying including discussing with the property owners on where they would like the snow to be piled. This can include staking your driveway to mark out the areas that need to be plowed. While plowing snow to remove it from your driveway and parking areas we strive to pile it where there is adequate drainage once the snow melt occurs, does not block or hinder traffic, block fire hydrants, block mailboxes, and does not hinder your line of sight while coming and going from your driveway.

If you live in Ballston Lake, Clifton Park, and the surrounding areas you may ask yourself every time there is a large snowfall “I wonder if there is a company who does snow plowing near me.” The answer is “yes” with James’ Lawn Services.

Service Features

  • Doesn’t Strain Your Back Shoveling
  • Prevent Ice Buildup
  • Have a Clear Driveway
  • Maintain Safe Mobility

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