Our mulching service includes thoroughly hand-weeding the flower beds if needed. Then spreading chosen mulch to desired depth. Mulching is important to improve soil quality and retain the internal moisture of the soil. This benefits the health of the trees and flowers within the bed. Not only all that but it helps tie a yard together by providing a well kept, clean cut appearance.

Benefits of Mulching

There are numerous advantages of adding mulch to your property in your gardens, around trees, etc. Besides increasing the curb appeal including:

  • Helps the soil retain its moisture
  • Helps with Weed Control
  • Protection from Erosion
  • Encourages the good soil microbial activity
  • Encourages worm activity

Our Difference

If anything about our service on your property disappoints you, we will immediately fix the issue at our expense, without argument, complaint or excuse. If after attempting to fix your concern you were still dissatisfied, we will not charge you for the job.

From the second you contact us for an estimate we are focused on making your busy life easier for you! Give us a try and you will see. Once you get on our schedule you can completely forget about lawn maintenance.

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