Lawn Maintenance Services

Our weekly/bi-weekly lawn maintenance service includes mowing the entire lawn, string trimming around all trees, mailboxes, etc. We edge along all blacktop/patio areas and blow off all grass clippings. We use mulching blades on our mowers as it is better for the lawn rather than bagging the grass.

Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Lawn
  • Elimants some of the Pests and Insects from the Grass
  • Short Lawns Grow Better
  • Helps Maintain Consistancy
  • With Each Cutting the Best and Strongest Shoots Proliferate


During our initial consultation with you we can set up an automatic schedule. From weekly to bi-weekly schedules.

If you aren’t ready to be on our automatc schedule we also take on calls during a season for one time mowings.

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