Brush Hogging Field Mowing

Mowing at solar farm
Our brush hogging or land clearing service allows you to reclaim land that has been unusable for some time. Our equipment is built for cutting large areas filled with brush and can easily turn an overgrown space into an area you can use again. We have the ability to cut on steep slopes as well. This service is most useful for pasture mowing, trail maintenance, roadside mowing, landfill mowing, solar farm mowing and so much more.
If you have a piece of land that hasn’t been maintained for a period of time, then bush hogging is likely needed. When land is dead or overgrown, you’ll need to cut back the weeds and grasses before you can utilize the land for another purpose.

Some more scenarios when brush hogging is necessary:

  • You’ve inherited unkept property.
  • You desire to use the land for a new or different purpose (i.e., hunting or beekeeping).
  • You need to perform a routine grounds upkeep at the start of a new season.
  • When you cut back the weeds and grasses, you’ll be left with nutrient-rich soil that can be used to nourish other valuable plant life.
  • This will allow insects and animals to return to the land and interact with it in a favorable way.


During our initial consultation with you we can set up an automatic schedule. From weekly to bi-weekly schedules.

If you aren’t ready to be on our automatic schedule we also take on calls during a season for one time mowings.

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BeforeOvergrown Solar Farm
AfterSolar Farm Bush Hogged