Country Knolls – Ballston Lake Lawn 12019 Services

Country Knolls - Ballston Lake Lawn 12019 Services

You work hard providing for your family. Working at all hours, taking care of the kids, family, the house, and the lawn when you’re not at work. Do you ever get a break? I’m James Wehrenberg, owner of James’ Lawn Services, and I believe you deserve the weekend off.

I know how hard the people in Ballston Lake work and the last thing you want to do after a long hard week is worry about cutting the grass, weeding your garden, weed whacking, mulching, trimming the shrubs, shoveling your driveway, or the dreaded leaf raking during Spring Cleanup and Fall Yard Cleanups.

James’ Lawn Services is located right here in Country Knolls in Ballston Lake, NY. My business is a local lawn care company that offers landscaping services like lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, shrub trimming, mulching, fall yard clean up, spring lawn cleanup, snow removal etc.

Whether you are looking for complete lawn maintenance, one-time yard cleanups, or snow removal in Ballston Lake, James’ Lawn Services is your answer.

I understand how important your time is and we strive to answer our phones when you call. 95% of all calls are answered so you don’t have to sit around waiting for a landscaper to call you back about a free estimate. We always return messages within a timely fashion when we can’t get to the phone. We appreciate every single call from people in the Ballston Lake and Country Knolls area. That may sound simple but in this industry, it is so common for people to never even receive a call back from an estimate request.

I also know how annoying the estimate process can be for a client so I strive to make it as quick and painless as possible every time. My normal turnaround time for providing an estimate when requested is a day or less! I make sure that it never takes weeks for a potential client to get a simple estimate.

I make sure our customer service is absolutely outstanding and the best in the lawn care industry.  My clients are so important to me I even back all of my work with a customer satisfaction guarantee, If anything about our service on your property disappoints you, I will immediately fix the issue at our expense, without argument, complaint or excuse. If after attempting to fix your concern you were still dissatisfied, I will not charge you for the job.

Ready for your free lawn care estimate in Ballston Lake or Country Knolls, including zip codes of 12019 and 12151?

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About Ballston Lake, New York:

Ballston Lake is a Hamlet of Clifton Park, NY located within the town of Ballston in Saratoga County. There is an actual Ballston Lake northeast of Burnt Hills, New York. The lake has been known as “Shanataha” lake as well as “Long Lake.” The lake is 3.7 miles long and it’s depth is unknown due to the fact of it having multiple caves that prevent divers from going to the bottom. Fish species present in the lake are brown bullhead, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, carp, and sunfish. The Ballston Lake area is riddled with history, with an artifact found dating back to 2000 BC!

The town of Ballston named after an early settler, Eliphalet Ball, a Presbyterian minister. The original name for the town was “Ball’s Town” and then “Ballton.” Originally the land was owned by the original McDonald brothers who sold the area to Ball where he paid an extra 1 barrel of rum for the right to name the town after himself. Simply overtime the town was known as “Ballston.”

Additional communities and locations in Ballston:
Ballston Lake, Ballston Five Corners, Ballston Center, East Hills, Ballston Creek, Ballston Spa, Burnt Hills, Garrison Manor, and Country Knolls.

Country Knolls:

While Country Knolls is not an actual town or hamlet, it is a census-designated district and community. It received its name from the housing development named Country Knolls Estates, which is now referred to Country Knolls North or the original Country Knolls. The name was also used for other nearby housing development now called Country Knolls South,. They are part of the communities that make up the larger Country Knolls Estate district which also includes Country Knolls West and Clifton Knolls. The Country Knolls Pool located in Burning Bush Blvd is a favorite attraction during the warm summer months.